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Anime DVD Collection in Pictures

Main Shelves – Regions 1 & 4   Overflow Shelf   R2 (Japan) First Press Boxes   Mahou Shoujo Section – Featuring Card Captor Sakura in it’s Entirety   To be Watched   Viewing Setup

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DS and GBA Purchases

When I saw these three titles had been massively marked down, I couldn’t resist. Question is: which one should I play first? I’ve been wanting to get Advance Wars and Fire Emblem for ages now, and something about Narnia makes … Continue reading

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Too much Pro Evo

… is (probably) never enough. Just finished off the second season of the Master League. My Sydney FC side has gone through undefeated, which is always nice. As a bonus, I’ve made enough money to make ridiculous bids for superstar … Continue reading

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NHK ni Youkoso! – 08

NHKにようこそ! – Episode 8 Official Site This is the second half of the Satou’s Mother comes to visit / Misaki acts as his girlfriend storyline. As it begins, Satou has completely forgotten about his Mother’s imminent arrival. It isn’t until … Continue reading

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A-League: Sydney FC vs Central Coast

A-League Round 1 – Sydney FC 1 df Central Coast Mariners 0 @ Sydney Football Stadium Sydney FC overcame a dismal first half performance to prevail 1-0 in this rematch of last season’s Grand Final. Clint Bolton was the hero, … Continue reading

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Zero no Tsukaima – 08

This was very much a mixed episode in my eyes. We have two separate (for the most part) stories, one following Tabitha and Kirche going to Tabitha’s home for Summer Vacation. This is used to fill in the backstory explaining … Continue reading

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Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu – Backgrounds

Just a few Haruhi Backgrounds taken from various places on the net and cropped/resized to 1440×900 (Suits 16:10 displays).

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Cats & Dogs

Only a cat would consider curling up on a desk behind a laptop to be a nice, comfortable place to take a nap. It seems that dogs are more sensible — curling up on a pile of cushions on a … Continue reading

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NHK ni Youkoso – Manga

I’ve posted a couple times regarding the NHK ni Youkoso anime series currently airing in Japan, but neglected to give any mention to the excellent Manga series (both are descended from the light novel). If you get a chance to … Continue reading

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Ken talks PS3

I think poor old Uncle Ken might have a few Roos loose in the top paddock, if you know what I mean… (Image shamelessly stolen from a 4chan post)

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