Zero no Tsukaima – 08

This was very much a mixed episode in my eyes. We have two separate (for the most part) stories, one following Tabitha and Kirche going to Tabitha’s home for Summer Vacation. This is used to fill in the backstory explaining why Tabitha is who she is (or isn’t, as the case may be). Unfortunately, I found it tedious in the extreme.

The other half of the episode deals chiefly with Saito making himself a Japanese-style bath out of an old pot the Chef is throwing away. This leads to a fan-servicey sharing of the bath with (the apparently not very modest) Siesta. Which leads to Louise chucking a shit, as usual. And then chucking a shit because she isn’t at all pleased that she is chucking a shit in the first place. Complicated girl.

Mixed in amongst this is the usual ebb-and-flow between the resident Dandy and his (semi-permanent) gal-pal, Montmerency. This is mainly used as a plot device to have Louise drink a magic potion… would that be a looooove potion, perchance?

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