NHK ni Youkoso! – 08

NHKにようこそ! – Episode 8

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This is the second half of the Satou’s Mother comes to visit / Misaki acts as his girlfriend storyline. As it begins, Satou has completely forgotten about his Mother’s imminent arrival. It isn’t until a very cute, dolled-up Misaki arrives for their meeting that he’s dragged back to reality. First point of business: His room is a dump. Quite literally. In amongst cleaning up, the two have a cute scene where Satou is knocked down onto Misaki (by piles of garbage, no less) and Yamazaki picks that precise moment to open the door.

Anyway, so they end up meeting with Satou’s Mother, who is quite taken by the unusually shy Misaki. All goes well until the shrewd Mother probes a little deeper into their relationship. While Satou retrets to the Men’s Room, she confronts Misaki with the truth. But — as the leaves them, she suggests they go and spend some time alone together. Which they do.

Things end up getting a little cosier when Misaki is blown off balance and falls down some stairs into Satou’s arms (strong wind, that). Satou protests that people are staring, but Misaki tells him to look around — she’s brought him to a common makeout spot, and all around are couples otherwise engaged.

Change scene — it’s now a little darker, there are more couples getting frisky around them, so what are they to do? Misaki takes the initiative, but before the deal can be sealed they’re interupted by Satou’s cell phone. Sheesh, turn the damn thing off, man! So, that’s the end of that, for the moment. End episode with a cute scene (straight from the manga) of Misaki holding a plush dog up and saying “won.” Kawaiiiii…

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