Chokotto Sister

ちょこッとSister – Review

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After watching through six episodes of this series, I’ve pretty much given up on it. It’s just not doing much for me — watching it is feeling more and more like a chore. This is a real shame, as I really enjoyed the manga and had high hopes for this series.

It’s a strange little show: Haruma, having wished for a little sister as a child, is surprised to find Santa (an angry woman on a flying motorcycle) outside his window one Christmas night with a package for him. Inside that package is his very own little sister. Which is just a touch inconvenient for a college student living alone.

So, they begin their new life together reasonably happily. First, they need to go out and buy her some clothes — Haruma blushes a lot. Actually, a fairly high percentage of the show consists of him blushing. She ends up getting lost at the mall and there’s a sweet scene of her waiting for him at the mall office.

There’s a small cast that’s gradually introduced: the owner of a flower store down the street, on whom Haruma has a crush; the loudmouth, big-boobed, alcoholic neighbor; and the new landlady of the apartment building in which he lives — she develops a thing for Haruma pretty much straight away.

As for Choko, she’s certainly very cute – nicely drawn and voiced, with some very ‘Awww’ moments. It does feel a bit disturbing when Haruma’s mind runs away into fantasy about his little sister. I know this is hardly unusual in anime, but it’s quite prevalent in this show.

Probably the most humorous thing about the show is that, despite trying to squeeze as much fan-service in as possible, there are censor bars (in the form of "Police: Do not Cross tape") over most ecchi moments.

So, basically, it jumps between being a cute, sweet show and being a slightly off ecchi show. The main problem is that everything moves at a snail’s pace, and nothing generally happens once things get moving anyway. I might try to keep watching, but there’s better out there. Read the manga instead.

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