NHK ni Youkoso! – 10

NHKにようこそ! – Episode 10

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We start out in Yamazaki’s room, where the developing duo is hard at work creating their eroge. Well, Yamazaki is — Satou is to distracted by thoughts of Misaki to concentrate on his scenario writing. Just how distracted is revealed when it turns out he’s written Misaki’s name everytime the script called for him to use their eroge heroine’s name (Rei). So, he does what any sane, rational human being would do: try to throw his friend’s laptop across the room.

Yamazaki then heads out on a date (!), which leaves Satou alone to continue his fantasies. These get as fair as his wedding before he realizes he still knows absolutely nothing about Misaki. His solution? He and Yamazaki will stalk her the next day. Makes sense. Anyway, they find that she lives in a large manor house which overlooks both the part in which Satou walks and also their apartment complex. Satou is horrified — she’s been watching him from afar all this time.

Yamazaki’s date didn’t go well, so he’s back in his ‘hating women with a passion’ mode. This rubs off on Satou, who starts questioning everything Misaki has done up until that point. After a deep and meaningful conversation with his household appliances (sure, why not), he decides that she’s an agent of the Nihon Hikikiomori Kyokai and that she’s going to make him remain a hikikomori forever.

Satou heads down to his counselling session determined to break things off with Misaki once and for all. He tell’s her he never wants to see her face again, and runs away. End of episode, bring on the next.

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