Zero no Tsukaima – 10

At the behest of Princess Henrietta, Louise along with Saitou and Guiche (because he was eavesdropping) set out to Albion to retrieve a letter that contains sensitive information. They are assigned a guardian to assist in their journey. This guardian turns out to be Ward, who is arranged to be married to Louise! Naturally, Ward turning up proclaiming himself Louise’s fiancee doesn’t impress Saitou in the least, and makes Louise herself very uncomfortable. Probably because he’s like, twice her age.

They head up into the mountains to catch an airship to Albion. It is at the port town that Ward announces his intention to marry Louise as soon as their mission is completed. Noticing her apparent feelings for Saitou, Ward challenges him to a duel, beating him with magic after being unable to best him with a weapon. He taunts him “You are unable to protect Louise” and the credits roll. To be continued in episode 11.

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