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Latest R1 Anime DVD Order Arrives (10/29)

Latest R1 order, mostly made up of things that have been on my wishlist for a while. Main feature is the very nice Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai Volume 1 with series artbox. Click thumbnail for full-size image Advertisements

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Kanon (2006) OP Screencaps

Just a little gallery of screencaps from the exquisite opening sequence to the re-make of Kanon. Click thumbnail for full-size image

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Firefox 2 Released

After betas and release candidates, the final release of Firefox 2 is available now.

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Original Gunbuster to receive US release

Bandai have announced that they will be releasing the original Gunbuster in the US this February. I’d pretty much given up hope of seeing this on DVD, so this is great news as far as I’m concerned. Press release follows… … Continue reading

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Early PS3 Advert

Not a bad looking ad. It starts out fairly abstract but goes on to show quite a bit of gameplay footage. See upcoming PS3 releases at Play-Asia

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Sumomomo Momomo – 03

すもももももも~地上最強のヨメ~ – Episode 3 Official Site Episode 3 sees Momoko and Koushi visiting a zoo. Momoko has visions of making a delicious lunch for them both, thereby impressing Koushi so much that he’ll instantly fall for her charms. She manages … Continue reading

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Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu – 06 and 08

涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱 – Episodes 6 and 8 Official Site These two episodes, which form Parts 1 and 2 of Remote Island Syndrome, follow the events of the SOS Brigade’s first overnight trip — a stay on a remote island organized by … Continue reading

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