Asian Cup Qualifier: Australia vs Bahrain

AFC Asian Cup 2007 Qualifier
Australia 2 df Bahrain 0 at Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney
Crowd: 36,606

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Image034.jpg Image035.jpg Image036.jpg
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Image040.jpg Image041.jpg Image042.jpg
Image043.jpg Image044.jpg Image046.jpg
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3 Responses to Asian Cup Qualifier: Australia vs Bahrain

  1. mocha says:

    I’m glad I can leave a comment now. A couple of days ago, a log-in was required.

    Anyway, just wanted to say I enjoy dropping by your blog. I especially liked seeing
    your photos of Sydney Football Stadium. It was my venue during the 2000 Games.
    I have 5-6 weeks of very pleasant memories there.


  2. Jamison says:

    Good to hear, thanks for the comment.

    By venue, were you competing there?

  3. mocha says:

    No, I was working for the host broadcaster SOBO (Sydney Olympic
    Broadcasting Organisation) with the Commentary Systems Group.
    My crew and I made sure the Rights Holding Broadcasters’ (i.e., Seven
    for Australia, BBC for Britain, NBC for US, etc.) Commentators were
    able to do their announcing as well as to communicate with their home
    studio (whether that was at the IBC or in their home country).

    By the way, our control room was a temporary structure built in the
    sky box area. We were located next to the bar…unfortunately, it was
    not used during the Games…at least as a bar…it was our Broadcast
    Information Office…I kept on trying to order a Tooheys Old from the
    Information Manager…oh well. The commentators were located just
    outside and below the sky boxes in the stands.

    Anyway, sorry for the rambling, but it did bring back some pleasant

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