Negima!? – 01

ネギま!? – Episode 1

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Negima makes a return in this remake/redo series, which features different animation and some changes to the storyline and characters. The basic setup is the same, Negi Springfield graduates from his Mage studies and is assigned to an all-girls school in Japan as an English teacher. Rather than being put-off by having a little boy as their teacher, the girls are (generally speaking) ecstatic.

Of course, being a Mage in the normal world, he needs to hide his magical abilities. Unfortunately, one of his new students, Asuna, sees him using a spell to restore the tooth of his familiar (a ferret). We don’t see the ramifications in episode 1, as she’s shocked into blanking out the incident until right at the end.

Apart from being introduced to his class, the main focus of this episode is the mysterious Vampire attacks that have been occurring on campus. Negi comes face to face with this very Vampire as the episode closes, and she apparently knows both him and his father…

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