Kanon (2006) – 05

Kanon – Episode 5

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Episode five picks up where the last left off, with Yuuichi and Mai standing in a darkened school corridor. Yuuichi tries asking several questions to get a response from the expressionless Mai and she finally answers that she’s a demon hunter. He’s not quite sure what to make of this and heads home, finally returning Nayuki’s notebook, to her considerable relief.

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After being out in the cold for so long, Yuuichi decides to take a nice, hot bath. He’s slightly distracted by Nayuki’s offer of a massage and so walks straight in without knocking, unfortunately catching Makato bathing. He’s not quite sure how to react and ends up going for the faux nonchalant "Hey, mind if I join you?" to which Makoto responds by screaming and then throwing everything in the bathroom at Yuuichi.

Yuuichi has his bath and emerges to find Makoto still clad in a towel and shivering, now exhibiting the symptoms of a slight cold. As usual, she threatens revenge, to which he responds by convincing her to try a tongue twister, which has the effect of making her bite her tongue.

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During the night, Makoto tries again to sneak into Yuuichi’s room for a little revenge. Again he’s awake and simply picks her up and dumps her back in her bed. He does feel sorry for her though, presumably because he was a major factor in her picking up her cold, so he makes sure she’s warm and tells her to take it easy.

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The next morning, Yuuichi comes down to breakfast to find Ayu there eating with Akiko. It takes him a few minutes to realize that somethings out of the ordinary before he leaps up and asks Ayu what she’s doing there. "Eating breakfast" she replies, sensibly enough. It turns out that she was walking past when Akiko was putting out the trash and so was invited in.

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At school, Yuuichi once again attempts to engage Mai in conversation. He’s met with limited success, until Mai’s friend Saiyuri turns up for lunch. He ends up joining the two girls and makes a certain amount of progress with Mai by serving her the food she wants. As they finish up eating, he sees Shiori out in the school grounds and runs down to meet her.

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It turns out that Shiori has come to visit Yuuichi as she considers him an interesting person — something he’s been hearing a bit recently. She still won’t tell him her family name but tells him he can just call her Shiori. Yuuichi says that, in that case, she can call him Onii-chan, which she does but both are embarrassed by it and that’s the end of that. Shiori goes on to tell him that her wish is to build a ten meter tall snowman, which Yuuichi promises to help out with once she’s well.

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Walking home Yuuichi runs into Makoto, who’s been sent out to by tofu by Akiko. He continues to mess with her by sending her to buy an ero-hon while she’s out. On her return home, she bursts into his room having been embarrassed again. She’s distracted from this, however, by the smell of the nikuman Yuuichi’s holding. After a quick glimpse through one of his manga, she decides that she needs both for herself and heads to the town center again.

Concerned at how long she’s been gone, Yuuichi goes looking for Makoto, finding her in her room surrounded by piles of manga munching on a stack of nikuman. Most of which he promptly eats as she’s absorbed in her reading. Finally noticing her food supply gone, she comes charging into his room where we discover where the money for her shopping trip came from — it was for the tofu. Yuuichi attempts to lecture Makato, but Akiko steps in and generously decides to give her an allowance.

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That night, Yuuichi again heads for the school to meet with Mai. She’s still as reluctant as ever to talk but his attempts to engage her in conversation are interrupted by Makoto sneaking up behind in, covered by a curtain. Her plans to scare him again go awry, as Mai removes the curtain using her sword. Mai’s attempts to pat Makoto on the head aren’t appreciated and Yuuichi ends up taking her home as she’s now too scared to go by herself. As they depart, Mai tells Yuuichi to be kind to Makoto.

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