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Latest Game Orders Arrive (11/22)

Three orders arrived on the same day — proving once again that it never rains but it pours. For the DS, Final Fantasy III. For the GBA, Super Mario World and Final Fantasy V. For the Gamecube, Waverace: Bluestorm and … Continue reading

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Kanon (2006) – 06

Kanon – Episode 6 This episode starts out with a Yuuichi having a flashback to another of his and Ayu’s childhood meetings. He’s rudely disturbed by Makoto tossing a bunch of lit fireworks into his room, which he promptly tosses … Continue reading

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A-League Round 11: Newcastle vs Sydney FC

A cold and wet evening welcomed Sydney to Newcastle for their Round 11 clash. Sydney took an early lead through a well taken goal by David Zdrillic but, as has become the norm, were unable to hang on and eventually … Continue reading

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Kanon (2006) – 05

Kanon – Episode 5 Pre Order Kanon Volume 1 Episode five picks up where the last left off, with Yuuichi and Mai standing in a darkened school corridor. Yuuichi tries asking several questions to get a response from the expressionless … Continue reading

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Suikoden V – First Impressions

Note: based on the PAL version. It’s only early days, but this finally feels like a proper Suikoden title again after III and IV just weren’t of the same caliber as I and II. The character designs are very nice … Continue reading

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Play-Asia order arrives (11/6)

My Play-Asia order arrived in the other day containing Pocket Monsters Diamond, Ouendan and Xenosaga I-II, all for the Nintendo DS. I’ve only had a quick look at Pocket Monsters Diamond so far, but was pleasantly surprised to find all … Continue reading

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Latest R2 and R1 orders arrives (11/6)

My latest R2 and R1 orders managed to arrive at the same time, which is always nice. On the US side, the complete collections of Tsukihime and Chrno Crusade. From Japan, LE Volumes 3 and 4 of Haruhi, along with … Continue reading

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