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Of Vampires, Mages and Turn-based Shenanigans

… or, more to the point, Negima Volume 2 LE (with a chibi Evangeline figurine, no less), Tsukuyomi (Moonphase) Volume 1 (with a rather fetching series artbox) and last, but not least, Grandia (NTSC-U/C) for the PlayStation. Tsukuyomi is certainly … Continue reading

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Saturn Retro Love

A nice little parcel arrived from Play-Asia the other day containing some old-fashioned Saturn goodness. Puyo Puyo Sun and Grandia Digital Museum were the games, along with an Action Replay Plus (so that they’d actually play on my PAL Saturn.) … Continue reading

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Ah, sweet nostalgia

All this talk of the Wii Virtual Console having PC Engine (Turbografx16) games available for it has made me tremendously nostalgic for the old beast. Thankfully, due to the wonders of emulation, games for this lost and lamented console have … Continue reading

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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni – Ep 4-7 Impressions

I’ll do full summaries for the episodes at some stage (probably) but I just wanted to note down some impressions after watching through these 4 episodes in a row. Man, some interesting stuff is going on in this series. First … Continue reading

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