Of Vampires, Mages and Turn-based Shenanigans

… or, more to the point, Negima Volume 2 LE (with a chibi Evangeline figurine, no less), Tsukuyomi (Moonphase) Volume 1 (with a rather fetching series artbox) and last, but not least, Grandia (NTSC-U/C) for the PlayStation.

Tsukuyomi is certainly a very professional release: a nice artbox, great looking DVD cover, well presented disc, 5 postcards and a neat little binder to store the postcards from this and subsequent releases. Very nice indeed.

Negima volume 2 is another good release, with a card box containing the DVD itself along with the aforementioned figurine. It’s these little extras that make a release stand out.

Which brings me to Grandia. Another slightly impulsive eBay purchase, it was bought to replace my PAL copy of the game, which features a dreadful conversion: huge borders, noticeable slowdown and some audio/video sync issues during special moves in battle. It also matches up nicely with the Grandia Digital Museum I purchased shortly before… now, I wonder if I can resist picking up the Saturn version of Grandia as well… hmm…

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order-20061205-102.jpeg order-20061205-103.jpeg
order-20061205-104.jpeg order-20061205-105.jpeg

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