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Kodomo no Jikan volumes 1 through 3 arrive at the door

It was a good day for parcels arriving all told. Along with the previously mentioned gaming goodness, volumes one, two and three of Kodomo no Jikan rocked up. A good thing too — I’ve very much been looking forward to … Continue reading

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Castlevania POR and friends arrive safely

The latest iteration in the long-running (putting it mildly) Castlevania series, Portrait of Ruin, arrived in the post today, happily accompanied by Final Fantasy VI Advance, Sonic Rush and Lunar Dragon Song (or Genesis, depending on your region.) Click thumbnail … Continue reading

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Asian Champions League 2007 – Matchday 2

Sydney FC vs Urawa Red Diamonds (JP) At Sydney Football Stadium, March 21st, 2007. Crowd: 21,010 Sydney FC 2 drew with Urawa Red Diamonds 2 The Uruwa away fans threated to steal the show with their rambunctious support even as … Continue reading

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Shakugan no Shana 24 [Final]

Shakugan no Shana – Episode 24 After having the episodes sitting around for months, I finally sat down and watched the rest of Shana over the weekend — I’d stopped at episode 16 for some now forgotten reason but once … Continue reading

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Kodomo no Jikan Backgrounds

Edit: Pointed links to correct full-size images. Click thumbnail for full-size image

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Flashback Feature / Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe

Flashback Feature for February 2007 focuses on the classic future sports title, Speedball 2. As the manager of the lowly ranked side Brutal Deluxe, you must win your way up to the top division and then claim the championship. The … Continue reading

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OpenTTD railway madness

I’m loving the latest version of OpenTTD at the moment, the improvements to the railway side of things are just fantastic. Electrified tracks are in, along with complicated signaling, improved path-finding and proper waypoints. Wonderful stuff. Click thumbnail for full-size … Continue reading

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