Lucky Star – 10

Lucky Star Episode 10

Lucky Star has (so far) been one of the most consistent series I can recall. I’ve enjoyed — and laughed through — every episode. Number 10 is no exception, indeed it’s one of the funniest yet. My favorite moment would probably be the Lucky Channel segment, in which Minoru gets very, very passionate about the proper definition of a tsundere.

The main focus of the rest of the episode is Tsukasa’s new (replacement) phone — and her sudden obsession with text messaging anyone and everyone (much to Kagami’s irritation.) — along with Kagami and Tsukasa staying over at Konata’s house. More murky details of Konata’s normal life surface, much to the continuing mild horror of the twins. Konata’s father, meanwhile, finds dining with the three girls the culmination of a dream, so to speak.

As for Miyuki, her role in the episode is centered on her remarkable ability to zone out — in the doctor’s surgery, on the bus, wherever.

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