First Impressions: Lucky Star Volume 1 (LE)

I’m a little disappointed with this disc so far: the package itself is excellent, but the video quality is much lower than I expected for a disc containing only two episodes and very few extras. The main issue concerns problems with fine, straight lines (especially with hairlines.) I’ll post some picture example later. I do want to try it in alternative setups before I condemn it however. Thus far, I’ve only tested on my Samsung DVD-HD747 so I’ll give it a spin on my old XMS-750 at some stage, along with the Xbox 360 and on the PC with Xine and mplayer (and whatever else takes my fancy.)

The annoying thing about the video issue is that the broadcast version is of such a high standard that it is a nasty feeling to pay a premium for a DVD with a lower quality picture. With the recent rise in the number of EDTV/HDTV anime series airing, I feel this issue will become increasingly prevalent in the future — at least until more anime starts appearing on Blu-ray/HD-DVD.

As for the rest of the package, it’s very nicely done indeed. Enclosed in a thin slip case are three slim DVD cases containing: the Volume 1 DVD, a BGM/Radio Show Audio CD and a Windows-based Lucky Star game respectively. The Audio CD is an especially nice addition, featuring as it does more insanity hosted by super-Idol Akira-sama along with her long-suffering co-host Shiraishi Minoru.

EDIT: Okay, I’ve now done some further testing. Firstly on a PS2 outputting 480i via Component where the problem was slightly less pronounced, but still noticeable. Playback under mplayer on a PC outputting 1360×768 @ 60Hz (DVI connection) looked much the same as my upscaling Samsung player (720p, also via DVI.)

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  1. fatchow says:

    Nice,may be you could do it better

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