Sydney FC vs LA Galaxy

Sydney FC 5
LA Galaxy 3
@ Stadium Australia, Sydney
Crowd: 80,295
Date: 2007-11-27

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sfc_vs_galaxy-100.jpeg sfc_vs_galaxy-101.jpeg
sfc_vs_galaxy-102.jpeg sfc_vs_galaxy-103.jpeg
sfc_vs_galaxy-104.jpeg sfc_vs_galaxy-105.jpeg
sfc_vs_galaxy-106.jpeg sfc_vs_galaxy-107.jpeg
sfc_vs_galaxy-108.jpeg sfc_vs_galaxy-109.jpeg
sfc_vs_galaxy-110.jpeg sfc_vs_galaxy-111.jpeg
sfc_vs_galaxy-112.jpeg sfc_vs_galaxy-113.jpeg
sfc_vs_galaxy-114.jpeg sfc_vs_galaxy-115.jpeg
sfc_vs_galaxy-116.jpeg sfc_vs_galaxy-117.jpeg
sfc_vs_galaxy-118.jpeg sfc_vs_galaxy-119.jpeg
sfc_vs_galaxy-120.jpeg sfc_vs_galaxy-121.jpeg

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