Home Theater Cabling Cleanup (Again)

After previously making the effort to tidy up my home theater setup, I had unfortunately let that good work go to waste and once again was faced with an absolute mess. After putting it off for a while, I finally knuckled down this afternoon and pulled everything out. The additional impetus was provided by my brother lending me his old Blu-ray player — which was when I realized that plugging it in was going to be overly painful due to the tangled mess behind the component rack.

At any rate, I did some re-arranging, removed some extraneous cables and am quite happy with the result. With any luck I won’t let it get so ludicrously messy again (at least for a while…). So, as it stands, the setup consists of:

– Blu-ray Player
– DVB-T HD Tuner
– DVD Player (My Blu-ray Player only plays Region 4 Discs)
– Surround Receiver
– PC
– Xbox360 with HD-DVD
– PS2
– Gamecube

htcleanup-101.jpeg htcleanup-102.jpeg

Before: Spaghetti

Half-way through: Considerably tidier

htcleanup-103.jpeg htcleanup-104.jpeg

Completed: From behind…

htcleanup-105.jpeg htcleanup-107.jpeg
htcleanup-108.jpeg htcleanup-110.jpeg

… and from the front

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