I used to be undecided…

Pro Evo 2008 - Logo

After not being able to choose between Pro Evo 2008 and Fifa 08 for the longest time, I finally resolved the issue recently — by buying both. *facepalm*

A little background: I’ve always been more of a Pro Evo fan, but Fifa has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, while Pro Evo 6 (on 360 at least) felt a bit unfinished (or at least unpolished). The real clincher as far as Fifa was concerned was having the A-League license. Finally, I could play as Sydney FC without needing to go to the effort of creating the team from scratch in an editor.

And so, the ruminations continued. Until, one day, I found a nice sub $50 of Fifa 08 on that ubiquitous online auction site. The very day after ordering I walked into a local electronics emporium and *bam* Pro Evo was sitting there with a $50 price tag. My resolve crumbled…

So, after all this, am I getting close to any sort of point? In a way, yes. The main problem with trying to play both at the same time is the constant adjusting between play styles and pacing. While the controls can be set to almost the same configuration in both games, the speed and style of play are almost polar opposites.

In the end, after bouncing back and forth for a while, I’ve finally decided to give Pro Evo the big go first and fired up a Master League (otherwise known as the world’s greatest time eater since Civilization). I’m about 20 hours in now and loving it (for the most part), although I do seem to have developed a shocking ability to go 2 goals up early and then fall apart.

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