Macross Frontier – Impressions

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It took me a long time to start watching this (no, no idea why) but once a started it was difficult to stop. The worst part is that I grew used to having several episodes on hand to watch at any given time, but now I’ve caught up with the subbers it means patiently waiting.

All the usual Macross themes are present and accounted for. Singing, Transforming Fighter Planes, Idols, Heroes not even of of school. The Idol role is taken by Sheryl, who plays up her primma donna part to the full. Ranka Lee is the young up and coming singer who is a huge fan of Sheryl. The main hero is Saotome Alto, a former Kabuki actor with a rebellious anti-Daddy thing going for him.

The setting is the settler convoy called Frontier. Part of the expansion of the human race across space, it’s essentially a city flying through space. Real trouble first rears its head when an enemy known as the Vajra – a kind of biological machine – being attacking with increasing regularity. Saotome’s role with a Military Contractor sees him drafted into the regular Military as a Pilot, and away we go.

As is probably obvious, both Ranka and Sheryl quickly fall in love with Saotome. They display it differently of course: Sheryl is the typical tsundere type, while Ranka is more the cute, embarrassed, blushing type. For his part, Saotome tries to be gruff and short with everyone around him. His nickname, drawn from his time playing a Princess in a Kabuki play, is Hime — which causes him no end of distress.

So, all in all a really positive start to the series. The first 10 episodes have really captured me and I can’t wait for the next one to arrive.

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