Good times

It’s certainly been a good month for game releases as far as I’m concerned. So far I’ve bought the expansion to Puzzle Quest on XBLA and have Soul Calibur IV (X360) and Final Fantasy IV (NDS) winging their way to me. I’ve also had my eye on Mana Khemia but I’m not entirely swayed by it yet.

Along with the above, I also ordered Blue Dragon (X360) as it is now finally super-cheap enough for me to take a chance on it; hopefully it will turn out to be a gem.

I haven’t even started on Puzzle Quests expansion yet — I’ve only taken advantage of the raised level cap so far. Along with the new quest (Puzzle Quest Quest, heh) there are four new characters classes and some new achievements.

Additionally, I’ve been hooked on a blast from the past as well this month: continuing my second play-through of Suikoden V (PS2). I’m determined to recruit all 108 characters this time round (missed a couple first time through due lousy timing) and see the good ending rather than the borderline depressing _meh_ ending.

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