Flashback Feature / Lunar 2 Eternal Blue

[lunar2_title.jpg - 150 x 49]

From the Mega-CD to the Saturn and finally to the PlayStation, GameArts’ classic RPG is a multi-platform RPG that shouldn’t be missed.

[lunar2-art-logo2.jpg - 400 x 474]

What can be said? Working Designs brought out one of the finest releases seen on PlayStation in the form of a special edition that includes far too much cool stuff (see image below). Eternal Blue also features some of the loveliest animation I’ve seen in a videogame – and there’s about an hour of it!. Also, there’s the music. Don’t get me started on the music 🙂 Fortunately, it comes with a soundtrack CD. No need to track down the music through some obscure Japanese import store – it’s right here! Very nice indeed.

[lunarstuff.jpg - 400 x 330]

All this gloss comes on top of a wonderfully old-school RPG, with all the usual SD goodness you’d expect. After all, the game did debut on the Sega CD. Speaking of gloss, the game has some rather decent voice-acting too, far classier than, say, Sony’s Grandia voicing. The major songs, however, do prove a bit of a stretch for the actors involved.

Even after all the delays it faced (Working Designs were originally talking about late 1999!), the wait has been well worth it. Fanboys will require it in their collections, and everyone else that appreciates a good, classic RPG ought to make a bee-line for this one too.

ABOVE: The contents of the wonderful US boxset


Centering around the story of a boy, a girl, and a world in crisis (Hey, does that sound familiar? Thought not…), Lunar 2 has you guide Hiro and his band of misfits through the world of Lunar on an adventure to find the power to challenge Zophar, who is building is dark power by drawing on the evil thoughts of the populace at large.

[lunar2blur.jpg - 246 x 296]

ABOVE: Lucia and Hiro. Posers.

[lucia6.jpg - 320 x 224]

I absolutely refuse to spoil the story for anyone (Anyone who doesn’t already know it, that is) so that’s as much as I’ll say about that. The battle system is your standard turn-based affair, with the nice addition that characters are forced to move to attack enemies, and they you. This adds some additional strategy to the fights.

ABOVE: How do I look?




B+  Dated, but lovely.


A-  Some really nice (and catchy) songs.


A  Plenty of longevity, a real time sink.


Great characters, wonderful artwork, compelling story, beautiful animated cut-scenes, the optional sub-quests.


Combat can become repetetive, but that can be said for just about any RPG.


A+  One of the all time classic RPGs.

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