Back up and running

So, I moved to a new unit a few weeks back. No big deal, aside from the moving costs and the sheer fscking pain the butt of actually packing up and moving many years worth of accumulated crap. What was a big deal was that it somehow took more than two weeks to get a simple land-line connected. Bear in mind, the place I moved into isn’t a new building. It isn’t a new connection – previous tenants have had landlines. There’s nothing special about the site, it’s actually very, very close to the Exchange.

But still the drama. Mainly due to the different stories I received from the Telco. First guy tells me that there’s been no previous connection, $299 install required. "Bullshit" says I, and call them back with the last connection’s details. This confuses them, and it takes 10 minutes to explain that I’m not asking for the old number, I’m using it to prove that the line was previously connected. After clearing that up, the girl tells me that there "may" have been a previous connection and, if so, I’d only need to pay $129.

Well, getting better. Except they do nothing. At all. Couple days go by, I call back. There was apparently an error in the job ticket and they’re going to fix it up and call me back the next day. Another couple days go by – nothing happening. So, I call them again – yes, nothing’s been done but they’re going to make me a priority and sort it all out the next day.

Excellent, finally making progress, right? Wrong. Next day, still no fscking dial-tone on the line and no call or SMS from the Telco on the status. Call them again: “Oh, that line has been connected, the job’s been closed.” You what now? So, now I’m put through to faults. They go through the usual “have you tried a different handset” before checking. When they do, they find a problem.

Good stuff. So, I’m told a technician will be sent to the Exchange tomorrow (a Saturday) to sort it all out for me. I ask if the technician will need to come to the building as well and am told no, it will all be done at the Exchange end or on the street. You can probably guess what comes next.

I’m about to head out on Saturday morning when there’s a knock at the door. Telco contracted technician has shown up. When I mention that the helpful phone center staff told me that no-one would need to attend on-site, he laughs and tells me that the Telco requires him to check the line right up to the phone socket in the house. Whoops.

Anyway, after all this rigmarole, he hooks up his test equipment, goes back-and-forth and within 45 minutes I finally have a dial-tone. It’s even the right number. Whoopie.

Following all this, I finally get my ISP to switch my DSL service to the new number. I’m told that it’ll be 3-5 days. I don’t hold my breath, but lo and behold it’s connected in under 3. I guess it all balances out. Kind of. At any rate, it’s all back on and that nagging feeling of being disconnected is fading away…

PS. I didn’t mention any company names throughout, but I leave a slight hint – the Telco is Australia’s formerly public owned monopoly – a company that still owns and controls all the Exchanges and all of the local loop copper across the country.

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