Doom 2 to finally appear on XBLA

Doom 2 Logo

As confirmed on Major Nelson’s blog, DOOM 2 will arrive on XBLA today sometime, after intially (IIRC) being due out late last year. Hopefully the devs will put a bit of effort into this one – the XBLA port of the first DOOM was certainly functional, but nothing more – lacking any of the features that have appeared in community releases such as DOOMLegacy and ZDoom (such as widescreen support, multiple vidmodes, the ability to look up/down and various graphics filters to smooth over the weathered visage that is Doom).

EDIT: The Japanese release accidentally went live early, giving eager-eyed downloaders a peek at the new levels added to this release. According to the linked thread, the new episode – entitled No Rest for the Living – features the following maps:

  • Level 1 The Earth Base
  • Level 2 The Pain Labs
  • Level 3 Canyon Of The Dead
  • Level 4 Hell Mountain
  • Level 5 Vivisection
  • Level 6 Inferno Of Blood
  • Level 7 Baron’s Banquet
  • Level 8 Tomb Of Malevolence
  • Level 9 March Of The Demons

At the very least, the names certainly fit the theme.

UPDATE: Most of my fears for this release were realized – the devs have done pretty much nothing with the existing engine: it’s just bog standard Doom, without any of those lovely features present in the many community engines. They haven’t even seen fit to support widescreen or even give you the option of removing the HUD to maximize the view. With that, the only real attraction of this package is the presence of the 9 new levels – it’s up to the buyer to decide if they’re really worth 800 MS Points. I’d suggest even those who are keen wait until the inevitable 400 MS Point drop in the future.

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