Bioshock Level Arcadia Demade for Doom 2


Even though it’s been out for a while now, I just wanted to give a mention to the Arcadia Demade WAD for Doom2. Made by JP LeBreton, who worked on Bioshock, the map is a "demake" of the Arcadia and Farmer’s Market areas from that wonderful game. He’s done an impressive job too, especially considering the technical limitations of the Doom engine. Download the map, plus read extensive notes on its background and creation, at the Author’s site

Click thumbnail for full-size image

arcadia-100.jpeg arcadia-101.jpeg
arcadia-102.jpeg arcadia-103.jpeg
arcadia-104.jpeg arcadia-105.jpeg
arcadia-106.jpeg arcadia-107.jpeg
arcadia-108.jpeg arcadia-109.jpeg
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