Classic Doom 3 Screenshots

Doom 3 Cover
Just some screenshots from the rather awesome Classic Doom 3 mod, which remakes the original Doom’s Episode 1 (Knee Deep in the Dead) for Doom 3. The devs have done a top job with this, if you know the original levels backwards this is a great way to add some freshness to the experience. The soundtrack is also worth mentioning – a really well done version of the original music, very cock rock.

Get the mod for Linux, Windows or Mac (Doom 3 version 1.3.1 required) at Detailed info available from the Doom Wiki.

Click thumbnail for full-size image

classicdoom3-100.jpeg classicdoom3-101.jpeg
classicdoom3-102.jpeg classicdoom3-103.jpeg
classicdoom3-104.jpeg classicdoom3-105.jpeg
classicdoom3-106.jpeg classicdoom3-107.jpeg
classicdoom3-108.jpeg classicdoom3-109.jpeg
classicdoom3-110.jpeg classicdoom3-111.jpeg
classicdoom3-112.jpeg classicdoom3-113.jpeg
classicdoom3-114.jpeg classicdoom3-115.jpeg
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