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Wait almost over for Australia WC2010 opener

After all the waiting Australia’s opening match in the 2010 World Cup is only 1.5 hours away! Can’t wait, I’ve been eagerly watching (most) of the opening action from the Cup so far, and it’s been just tremendous to have … Continue reading

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Dreamcast games coming to XBLA and PSN

According to, Sega has confirmed the long-standing rumor that Dreamcast games will be re-released via Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, complete with HD updates and Achievements/Trophies. Skies of Arcadia, pretty please? For reference, here’s a complete list of … Continue reading

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Bakemonogatari Volume 6 Wait Continues

Volume 6 of Bakemonogatari (the second half of the Tsubasa Cat storyline) was due out tomorrow (6/9) but will now appear July 28. It’s been a long wait for a series that started airing back in July 2009, with episodes … Continue reading

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Earthworm Jim to be released on XBLA this Wednesday

I initially wasn’t too keen on this one – as a lot of "HD" ports to XBLA are just emulators running upscaled – but it’s actually looking pretty promising. The most intriguing new feature is 4 player co-op, which sounds … Continue reading

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Sydney Football Tournament Confirmed

As previously rumored, Sydney has been confirmed as the host of a four team football tournament featuring Glasgow Rangers, Blackburn Rovers and AEK Athens (the original rumor mentioned Boca Juniors rather than AEK) over three nights from July 25th to … Continue reading

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Quake with High Resolution Textures via DarkPlaces

I’ve been getting back into the original Quake thanks to the rather excellent DarkPlaces mod, which allows for such things as OpenGL support, high resolutions and Ogg music support. When coupled with Rygel’s hi-res Texture Pack and Romi’s rtlights pack … Continue reading

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