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Haruhi in top sellers list

I thought this was fairly notable: as at June 15th, Haruhi Volume 1 (LE) was sitting pretty at #11 at Nice to see such a quality title doing well. Volume 2 (LE) is also sitting at #11 in the … Continue reading

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Lucky Star – 10

Lucky Star Episode 10 Lucky Star has (so far) been one of the most consistent series I can recall. I’ve enjoyed — and laughed through — every episode. Number 10 is no exception, indeed it’s one of the funniest yet. … Continue reading

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Shana DS – First Impressions

Shakugan no Shana DS – First Impressions So, last night I finally sat down and had a crack at Shana DS and was left a little underwhelmed by the experience. The bulk of the game (the "Adventure" mode) consists of … Continue reading

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Shakugan no Shana DS

Shana DS rocked up yesterday so I thought I’d post a few pictures of the box and manual, along with a couple of (poorly taken) screenshots. I haven’t had any time to sit down with the game yet, but when … Continue reading

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CDJapan Order Arrives – Kiminozo 5 & 6; Kanon (2006) 2 & 3

My order for the next two discs of Kanon was bulked up by the addition of volumes 5 & 6 of Kiminozo — which I’d somehow neglected to collect previously (my collection up till now consisting of Volumes 1 through … Continue reading

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Shakugan no Shana 24 [Final]

Shakugan no Shana – Episode 24 After having the episodes sitting around for months, I finally sat down and watched the rest of Shana over the weekend — I’d stopped at episode 16 for some now forgotten reason but once … Continue reading

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Kodomo no Jikan Backgrounds

Edit: Pointed links to correct full-size images. Click thumbnail for full-size image

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