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Classic multiplayer gaming via DOSBox – Serial and IPX tunneling

Ever since discovering that DOSBox has stable IPX and serial tunneling, I’ve been digging through my old files and rediscovering some classic multiplayer games of yesteryear with my brother (who still has the edge in C&C). The issue with a … Continue reading

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Just Virtualizin’

I’ve been quite smitten by VMWare lately — their free products, natch — and have sunken quite a few hours into playing around with it. It’s really coming in handy for test PCs when I want to look into a … Continue reading

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Firefox 2 Released

After betas and release candidates, the final release of Firefox 2 is available now.

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Creating an RSS Feed with PHP

It’s fairly straightforward to use PHP to create an RSS feed from your existing database. In this example, we take a database table containing new items, retrieve the last 15 in order and then output in RSS2.0 XML format. This … Continue reading

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Automating with Simple Shell Scripts – Part 2

Following on from the scripts published earlier, here’s an updated version that combines the two scripts previously mentioned. It now has some minimal error checking (checks for the presence of three variables) and converts the images to JPEG (if they … Continue reading

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Automating with Simple Shell Scripts

Here’s a couple of small, simple Shell Scripts that I wrote to automate the resizing and adding of images to this blog. The first takes an image prefix (or full name) as a variable, and uses the ImageMagick program convert … Continue reading

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Anime Girlies?!? On MY Desktop?!?

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