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Back up and running

So, I moved to a new unit a few weeks back. No big deal, aside from the moving costs and the sheer fscking pain the butt of actually packing up and moving many years worth of accumulated crap. What was … Continue reading

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Sydney shafted in semi scheduling

Due to Queensland Roar’s home venue – Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane – hosting a concert on Tuesday, Sydney FC have been forced to play the first leg of their semi-final series at the SFS, thereby losing any advantage from finishing above … Continue reading

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Nintendo Wii Lie Watch

Nintendo are obviously trying to catchup to Sony in terms of writing cheques their butts can’t cash. Speaking to in London this afternoon, a spokesperson admitted, “We are region-locked,” and said the US arm of the company had made … Continue reading

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Anti-Wii Rant

There is soooo much positive Nintendo Wii buzz on the Internet at the moment, I feel compelled, nay, obligated, to air my overwhelmingly negative views on the subject in order to balance out the universe (or, because I just can’t … Continue reading

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