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GZDoom Compilation Fun and Games

I’d been having an issue for quite a while when trying to build GZDoom from source where the compiler would bomb out in the OpenGL section, as seen below: [ 75%] Building CXX object src/CMakeFiles/zdoom.dir/gl/data/gl_vertexbuffer.o /home/cory/Downloads/Source/GZDoom-1.4.0/src/gl/data/gl_vertexbuffer.cpp: In member function ‘int … Continue reading

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DOOM 3 resolution drama – Widescreen howto

I ran into a strange issue with DOOM 3’s customizable screen resolution and aspect ratio. It had previously been setup for a resolution of 1440×900 (16:10 ratio) but, somewhere along the way, every time the game started up it switched … Continue reading

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